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The role of the conceptual aspects of business are perhaps more unappreciated than might be imagined. One of those underappreciated concepts is the notion of a "business concept or definition."

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Keynote Address at Olin Business School's "Spring Family Business Symposium"

Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle presented the frameworks for understanding the challenges that family businesses face, covered in their new family business book Building Family Business Champions, published by Stanford University Press.

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Growing Pains 5th Edition has been licensed for Chinese Publication

Growing Pains 5th edition has been licensed for Chinese translation and publication by China Citic Press.

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It is well recognized that the success of mergers and acquisitions is due to the cultural fit of the two merged entities. My own experience, over 40 years, confirms that the key to success is not strategic fit but cultural fit.

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Feel the Pain

Ozat Baiserkeyev's new article "Feel the Pain" was published in March in Asian Management Briefs (Singapore Management University), and shows a difference in management style of post-Soviet economies. Read more

Spring Family Business Symposium

Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle presenting at Spring Family Business Symposium: Reinventing a Family Business Through Generations Presented by Olin's Business School's Executive MBA Program.

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Published: "Strategic Organizational Development and Growing Pains: Empirical Evidence from Europe"

"Strategic Organizational Development and Growing Pains: Empirical Evidence from Europe", by Eric G. Flamholtz and Dariusz Brzezinski has Been Published.

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Management Systems is pleased to announce that International Truck recently honored Tallman Truck Centre in Ontario, Canada, as its North American Dealer of the Year at their Annual Dealer Meeting in Schaumburg, Illinois.

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Strategic Planning For A Challenging World: The Martian Solution©

It is clear that the U.S. and global economies are experiencing a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety. This is impacting efforts to plan for the current year and the longer term. This article addresses these issues and proposes an unorthodox perspective as a "lens" for creating solutions - what I have termed "The Martian Solution©."

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Building Family Business Champions, Stanford University Press, 2016 Now Available for Purchase

Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle's new book Building Family Business Champions has now been published by Stanford University Press. Read more

Corporate Culture and Organizational Effectiveness: Additional Empirical Evidence from Europe

This article presents current research in progress examining the extent to which corporate culture can be a determinant for the effectiveness of companies...based upon empirical research conducted by Antonia Dimitrova for her PhD dissertation at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski," in Bulgaria.

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Building Family Business Champions, Stanford University Press, 2016

Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle's new book Building Family Business Champions soon to be published by Stanford University Press.

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MS Digital Edition - 2015 Year in Review

The MS Digital Edition is a compilation of all the articles written throughout 2015.

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The Magic of $1 Billion in Revenues

It is well established that 50% of all new ventures fail within five years....However, something very interesting and significant seems to occur at Stage 6.

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Management Systems New Affiliate in China

Management Systems is pleased to welcome Ms. Feng Du (Francine) to our Global Affiliates Group.

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Growing Pains: Building Sustainably Successful Organizations®, Wiley, 2016

Now published, read the summary and preface.

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Flamholtz Presents Leadership Development Seminars in China

Eric Flamholtz conducted a two-day custom designed Leadership Development course in Shenzhen, China...

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“Planning is Everything”

The success of the US Military during World War II led to a great increase of interest in an application of principles of strategy to business enterprises.

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Management Systems Methodologies Help a Fast Growing Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria Transition to a Professionally Managed Firm

The transition from a startup to a professionally managed company is a challenge many of the companies in the IT sector in Bulgaria are facing. In this article the CEO of ForTeam, Ivailo Iliev, describes one example of the application of Management Systems methodology and tools to help a firm make the transition for an entrepreneurship to a professionally managed firm.

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The Implications of Gender Quotas on Boards on Top Management’s Gender Leadership Styles

“How does the increase of women on boards potentially affect the way that top management leads?” To analyze the interplay between the board composition and top management's leadership styles, the thesis combined structural and interaction dynamics theory from organizational behavior studies with gender leadership theory.

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Effective Leadership

Editor’s Note: The purpose of this brief article is to give context for the research study in the companion article in this issue of Management Systems perspectives written by Josephine Serj Nicolajsen and Ilona Miettinen Langgård.

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Barriers to Sustainably Successful Growth: Growing Pains and Organizational Development of Polish & US Companies

In January 2015, our firm (Management Systems) began a joint research project with our affiliate in Poland (APAX) and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development ("PARP"). The objectives of this research were: 1) to assess the "degree of organizational development" and related "growing pains" of a sample of Polish companies and 2) to compare the scores of the companies in Poland with those of US companies in our data base.

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Warsaw Trip May 2015

From May 10 to 20, 2015, Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle traveled to Warsaw, Poland to participate in several events sponsored by our affiliate APAX and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development ("PARP") as well to provide further training for our Polish Affiliate, APAX.

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Strategic Diagnostics of a Company and the Improvement of Business

Ozat Baiserkeyev (licensed and certified Management Systems Affiliate in Kazakhstan) has recently published a monograph (shown above) applying the concepts, frameworks and tools developed by Eric Flamholtz and Management Systems for Russian speaking managers in Kazakhstan, Russia and the Ukraine.

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Becoming an Organizational Champion or Organizational Roadkill

For the past 40 years, Eric has been engaged in studying organizational success and failure. As a result of this research and experience he has distilled certain key lessons and identified certain myths that inhibit organizational success.

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Six Steps for Effective Culture Management

This article is a companion to the article titled “Dysfunctional Corporate Culture: Italian Style,” by Alessandro Galavotti in this issue. The purpose is to briefly describe the six steps (listed in the previous article) that are necessary to manage corporate culture effectively.

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Dysfunctional Corporate Culture: Italian Style

By Alessandro Galavotti, CEO of Images-The Corporate Culture Company
Licensed Affiliate, Management Systems

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Trends in Management

Dr. Eric Flaholtz's - Trends in Management presented May 14 PARP Conference in Warsaw, Poland. Read more

How to Protect the Organization’s “Blind Side”

In American football, protecting the Quarterback’s blindside always goes to the best (and highest paid) lineman! Organizations, like QBs also have blindsides. There are always threats (both external and internal) that can attack an organization’s blindside and cause damage or even failure.

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Management Systems Affiliate in Israel

Management Systems is pleased to welcome Dr. Keren Tsuk to MS Global Affiliates Group.  Dr.

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Management Systems Affiliate in Italy

Management Systems is pleased to welcome Mr. Alessandro Galavotti to MS Global Affiliates Group.  Alessandro is the founder of Images.

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Management Systems Representation in Vietnam

Management Systems is pleased to welcome their newest associate to the MS Global Associates Program, Mr. Quan Le.

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The 5 Key Steps to Help Ensure The Success of Mergers And Acquisitions

It is increasingly recognized that the success of mergers is not due to strategic fit, but to the leadership and cultural fit of the two merged entities.

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The Problem with “Mission, Vision, Values”

Most company leaders and managers have heard and many actually use the concepts of “Mission, Vision, and Values”.... but what is their real value to a company from a strategic planning perspective?

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Management Systems Representation in China & Hong Kong

Management Systems is pleased to welcome Tony An to the MS Global Associates Program.

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Bloomberg: Pimco Can Recover From Gross Exit in a Year: Flamholtz

Management Systems and APAX Consulting (Poland) Launch Joint Research Project

Management Systems and our Affiliate in Poland, APAX Consulting Group, will be conducting a research project for the Polish Agency for

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Management Systems Expands to Argentina

Management Systems is pleased to welcome Fernanda J. Milman to the MS Global Affiliate Program.

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Eric Flamholtz on PIMCO's Culture in The Wall Street Journal Article

Eric Flamholtz was quoted on his experience as a consultant with PIMCO during 2005-2008 by The Wall Street Journal in a recent article published February 24, 2014 10:34 PM, titled: Inside the Showd

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PIMCO Environment a `Pressure Cooker': Flamholtz

Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Management Systems Consulting Corp. President Eric Flamholtz discusses his PIMCO research on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Management Systems Announces - Dr. Eric Flamholtz to be recognized as 2014 Olin Distinguished Alumni Award Honoree

Managmenent Systems would like to announce that the Olin Business School will recognize Dr.

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Management Systems Announces - First Digital Edition

Management Systems has published its first Digital Edition.
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Measuring the ROI of Leadership Development

This article discusses the very significant potential Return of Investment a company experiences by investing in management and leadership development training.

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Management Systems Announces - New Address

We have just recently completed the move into our new office and are now located down one block from our previous location. Our main telephone and fax numbers have not changed with the move.

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The Power of Great Strategy

A Hyper Successful Strategy℠ (or HS2 Strategy) can be defined as any strategy that delivers “very significant differential competitive advantage”, that delivers a multiple of standard (average) per

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The Leadership Molecule: A Hidden Asset

A Leadership Molecule™ is a valuable asset. It is hidden in plain sight, recognized by all inside the company but not susceptible to copying by competitors.

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Creating Alpha While Minimizing Beta

This article discusses how managers can create a company with incremental alpha and/or reduced Beta than their comparison companies and measure it with Management Systems'

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Management Systems Announces: The Expansion of Its Global Network

Management Systems Expands Global Network of Affiliates & Associates

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The Leadership Molecule Hypothesis: Implications for Entrepreneurial Organizations